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Concrete Acid Stain Application

Create Beautiful, Warm Tones and Infinite Possibilities for Indoor and Outdoor Applications with Concrete Acid Stain

Concrete Acid Stain – Unique Design Characteristics

One of the best characteristics of Concrete Acid Stain is its ability to infuse concrete/cement applications, with rich and deep color tones. Depending on the color and application techniques used, the results can mimic everything from polished marble to natural stone or even stained wood. Something else to remember about concrete stain is that no two projects will look alike! Application, color selection, concrete surface conditions and environmental factors all play important roles in the final outcome. We encourage our customers to try one of our Acid Stain Sample Kits on a small area before starting their project.

Costs and Time

The cost for acid stained indoor floors begin at .43 cents per square foot, significantly less than most decorative floor covering options. Unlike wood, tile and carpet, homeowners can do this themselves! The vast majority of projects can be completed in a weekend depending on size and surface preparation needs. Special or costly equipment is not needed to have a professional-looking finished product. Direct Colors offers how-to guides, instructional videos, and hands-on technical assistance to give our customers the confidence to tackle any project indoors or out. DCI also has Project Calculators to determine exactly how much product you’ll need for your next project! Ready to do-it-yourself? Try a DIY Concrete Acid Stain Kit with everything you need for a 200 sq.ft. project.

What Types of Concrete Surfaces Can be Stained?

New, old, smooth, or rough concrete can be acid stained. However, there are factors to consider when deciding whether or not acid stain is for you. Carefully review the pre-application tests available on page one of our how-to apply acid stain instructions to properly characterize your slab as a good candidate for staining. Every concrete slab, countertop or piece of décor is different; some concrete will stain better than others. Always conduct a small test area to evaluate reactivity and color development before beginning a project.

Preparing the Surface for Acid Stain

While the vast majority of slabs only require minimal cleaning, some floors will need extra preparation. Surfaces with glue/mastic, paint, dry wall mud, heavy dirt, oil or similar contaminants must be cleaned thoroughly or sanded before proceeding. All pre-application tests should be performed after cleaning to determine concrete’s suitability for staining. Acid stain, though unique, is not the only color option. Don’t give up if you have a heavily soiled or otherwise challenging concrete project. For surfaces that cannot be successfully acid stained, we offer other color products such as DCI Concrete DyeLiquid Colored Antique and DCI Tinted Concrete Sealer for both indoor and outdoor use.

Featured Product

Concrete Acid Stain

Concrete Acid Stain

Chemically-Reactive, One-of-a-Kind Concrete Color Solution
Create beautiful, diverse countertop finishes with Acid Stain.  Mix colors, cut stains with water for more color combinations.


$20.95 per 1 quart $46.95 per 1 gallon $228.95 per 5 gallon

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