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Using Concrete Overlays to Resurface with New Color, Patterns, and Finishes

Create a Fresh Concrete Canvas on any Surface

What is Concrete Overlay?

DCI Concrete Overlay is a durable, ultra-strong, and easy-to-apply concrete layer that is mixed with water. Save money and time refinishing existing slabs with concrete overlay. Removing concrete is costly and disruptive. Extend the life of your patio, driveway or porch with a colored or stained Direct Colors concrete overlay.

Complete texture concrete overlay is hardy and strong. It is ideal for stamping, trowel stenciling, or as a primer coat on previously stamped or tiled surfaces. Smooth texture concrete overlay can be troweled down or sprayed with a hopper gun at low PSI for a super smooth texture and high work-ability. It is perfect for smooth finish flooring spray-on stenciling and vertical applications.

How to Apply Concrete Overlay

Surface preparation is crucial to a successful concrete overlay project. While an overlay provides a “clean slate” to work on, the existing concrete slab must in good condition and free on any contaminants before you begin.

  1. Remove de-laminating sealers, coatings, paint or glue present on the concrete.  Mop the floor to remove any loose debris from the floor before applying.
  2. The surface must be solid; break out and remove any unsound concrete caused by scaling or minor spalling.
  3. Fill all active cracks. Any cracks equal to or wider than the width or a credit card will typically require repair using concrete patch product. Allow to dry thoroughly before applying.
  4. If the existing concrete is sealed or excessively smooth, scuff the surface with a sander  to allow for better bonding between the surface and the overlay. Scuffing is required for countertops with formica or tile finishes prior to overlaying.
For more information about a DIY concrete overlay, view the how to video series on concrete overlays.

DCI Concrete Overlay Applications

• Resurface Old, Damaged or Soiled Concrete

• Cost Effective Alternative to Poured Concrete Slabs and Countertops

• Apply Borders on Floors to Disguise Carpet Tack Strip Holes

• Suitable for Stamped, Stenciled or Artistic Finishes Indoors or Out

• Color with Acid Stain or Concrete Pigment – Choose from Over 100 Color Possibilities

Consider Your Options

Concrete Overlay An Existing Countertop. Make kitchen, bathroom or office remodels a snap! DCI One-Step Overlay offers a quick, cost effective alternative to a poured concrete countertop. Re-surface Formica, tile or apply directly to existing wooden sub-surface. Create the countertop you want from over 100 color options. Fast, easy and affordable!

Featured Product

DCI Concrete Overlay

DCI Concrete Overlay

DCI Concrete Overlays are durable, ultra-strong, and easy-to-apply add water only mixes. Available in Smooth or Complete Texture. Color options include Concrete Pigment, Acid Stain, Concrete Dye or Liquid Colored Antique. Call for discounted pricing and shipping charges on 1-4 boxes.


Gray or White Overlay

$35.00 per box plus shipping

Please contact us to order

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