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Concrete Pigments for Integrally-colored Decorative Concrete Applications

Easy, Beautiful Indoor/Outdoor Color Option

What Can Concrete Pigment Be Used For?

Concrete Pigments are easy to use and offer consistent, even color tones across the cement surface. Pigments color the concrete throughout rather than just topically so even if damaged or worn, the color will remain unchanged. Choose a color from our color charts or create your own custom color for concrete, concrete countertops, overlay , grout, stucco, plaster or similar cement-based materials. Pigment is a fast, easy option for any DIY project, large or small.

Integral-Colored Slabs and Stamped Outdoor Concrete

Even for DIYer’s, pouring concrete with pigment is as easy as selecting a color! Concrete pigment is added to the concrete truck prior to pouring and the concrete is finished smooth, stamped or textured by professionals. You’ll just sit back and watch! A stamped or textured surface can later be accented with a contrasting Liquid Colored Antique color for greater depth and variation. All outdoor concrete should be sealed after 28 days with one of our high quality sealers.

Integral Color Advantages for Concrete Countertops – Polished Finishes

Concrete Pigment is a popular countertop color option, especially for polished surfaces. Because the concrete is integrally colored, the polishing process won’t remove or diminish the color.  As you polish, the countertop becomes more smooth and lustrous making the color “pop” for a beautiful marble-like finish. Concrete pigment can also be used to create a countertop base color for acid stain or deco gel accents or fine design work.


Measuring Pigment for Your Project

Direct Colors has provided several concrete pigment calculators to help customers determine how much pigment will be needed for their projects. The pigment needed to achieve a specific color is based on the amount of cement in the mix rather than the total weight of the bag. The project calculator tool is designed to calculate for truck pours, custom concrete batches and bags of ready mix concrete. When using the custom batch calculator, keep in mind that the weight of cement will vary by material and to correctly adjust the values accordingly.

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Featured Product

Concrete Pigment

Concrete Pigment

High quality pigment for any concrete project.
Powdered, uv stable and available in hundreds of colors. Premium colors such as Blue, Green, White and Purple are also available. Use for indoor/outdoor projects large or small.


$27.95 per 5 lbs.
$43.95 per 10lbs.
$76.95 per 20lbs.
$141.95 per 50lbs.

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