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DCI Concrete Dye

DCI Concrete Dye

From $14.00 to $200.00

$14.00 per Quart
$45.00 per Gallon
$200.00 per 5 Gallons

Fast Drying, Easy-to-Apply Topical Dye

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Product Description

DCI Concrete Dyes are quick-drying, easy-to-apply acetone-based, translucent solutions that create vibrant topical layers of color that will not crack or peel. When used properly, Concrete Dye will provide true, consistent color for indoor and outdoor surfaces.

DCI Concrete Dye must be applied with either an aerosol sprayer or an acetone sprayer. The product cannot be applied with a brush, roller or similar applicator. Each gallon will cover 400-600 square feet depending on surface conditions.

DCI Concrete Dye Sample Kit

For best results, pre-seal the surface before applying the dye with Sprayable Satin Finish Sealer. Three or more dye coats are generally required to achieve most colors. Each additional coat will produce a darker, more intense color. For enhanced color diversity, apply two or more colors. Seal concrete immediately after applying to protect the finish. Acetone must be purchased separately. DCI Concrete Dye is also available in sample sizes, a six color sample kit and custom dye sample kits.

DCI Concrete Dye is particularly useful when attempting to stain areas that cannot easily be colored with concrete acid stain. DCI Concrete Dye is an excellent choice for slabs with exposed aggregate or areas that have been previously treated with muriatic acid, excessively power washed or a waterproofing agent. Concrete dye is not a good choice for excessively rough and/or heavy-broomed concrete.

Key DCI Concrete Dye Features:

• Fast-drying product ideal for commercial jobs where time is a critical factor

• Excellent for stenciling and vertical applications

• Use in conjunction with concrete acid stain for enhanced color effects

• Covers approximately 400 – 600 sq. ft. per gallon

• Concrete Dye is a dye and seal product and is not intended for polished concrete floors

• Detailed How-to Instructions included in every purchase

• Apply using an acetone-approved sprayer. Acetone must be purchased separately

• Available in sample sizes, a six color sample kit and custom dye sample kits

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Concrete Dye Color Chart

Ash Brown Aztec Brown Basic Red Basic White Basic Yellow Brick Red Buff BUrnt Orange Burnt Rouge Carnation Pink Charcoal Chestnut Cinnamon Coffee Brown Desert Pink English Red Evergreen Goldenrod Jacinthe Jet Black Khaki Malayan Buff Mojave Dunes Oakwood Olive Pastel Purple Poppy Red Powder Blue Pumpkin Spice Raincloud Red Roof Russian Violet Rust Rustic Brown Sepia Sienna Smokey Topaz Sorrel Stormy Gray Light Slate Sunset Tan Tan Toasted Wheat Wintergreen

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