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Pump Up Acid Stain Sprayer

Pump Up Acid Stain Sprayer


All plastic acid stain sprayer, suitable for large or small projects.

Product Description

Concrete Acid Stain is a water-based liquid bearing minerals and acid. The acid stain sprayer evenly distributes the acid stain to penetrate the pores of the concrete forcing a chemical reaction between the muriatic acid and the available lime in the surface. Once acid stained, the color of the concrete is permanently altered. When sealed with an appropriate concrete sealer and for indoor applications, sealed and waxed, acid stain produces the unique, variegated finish associated with this process.  Direct Colors recommends using this pump up acid stain sprayer for all projects, small or large.  Have a small Do-It-Yourself project? Consider our  DIY Concrete Acid Stain Kit suitable for projects up to 200 sq. ft. or for larger projects buy an Add-On Kit for every additional 200 sq. ft. Each kit has everything you need from cleaning to sealing, plus step-by-step project instructions.


Remember to apply acid stain carefully using the recommended safety equipment. Use caution when opening the sprayer. Contents will be under pressure after use. Our Pump Up Acid Stain Sprayer is not suitable for spraying concrete sealers.


Key Features of Pump Up Acid Stain Sprayer:

   All-plastic, one-gallon acid stain sprayer suitable for all acid stain applications
   Easily adjusts from a flat spray to a fine mist
   Pump Up Acid Stain Sprayer holds 1 gallon of liquid


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