Pump Up Acid Stain Sprayer

Pump Up Acid Stain Sprayer


All plastic acid stain sprayer, suitable for large or small projects.

Product Description

Concrete Acid Stain is a water-based liquid bearing minerals and acid. The acid stain sprayer evenly distributes the acid stain to penetrate the pores of the concrete forcing a chemical reaction between the muriatic acid and the available lime in the surface. Once acid stained, the color of the concrete is permanently altered. When sealed with an appropriate concrete sealer and for indoor applications, sealed and waxed, acid stain produces the unique, variegated finish associated with this process.


Direct Colors recommends using this pump up acid stain sprayer for all projects, small or large that you do. View our DIY Concrete Acid Stain Kit for all of the items you need to complete your concrete acid stain project.


Application: Safety First! Remember to use goggles, gloves and a dust mask while working with concrete acid stain. A respirator may be required for applications with poor ventilation. The appearance of the finished product is very much influenced by the manner in which the acid stain is applied. We recommend spraying the stain on the surface using an all-plastic pump acid stain sprayer. If a darker, more even tone is desired, brush the acid stain into the surface using consistent circular strokes. If using a brush, spray on a second coat to eliminate any brush strokes on the surface unless that is the desired finish. Though new concrete may not always require a second coat of acid stain, older concrete does require two coats of stain for complete coverage. For a more diffuse look, spray the stain onto the surface without brushing.


For best acid stain results on indoor slabs, sand the floor with a 150-200 grit pad applied with a floor buffer to properly prepare the surface for staining. Sanding will remove most if not all debris from the surface and correctly profile the concrete for staining.


To produce a “marbled” effect, spray enough stain on the surface to allow the color to naturally run and pool in the lower areas of the slab. This technique is particularly effective on outdoor concrete slab as they are generally poured on a slope. Applying the Concrete Acid Stain with the acid stain sprayer nozzle close to the floor will also produce “pooling” effects whether indoors or out.


To produce a multi-colored effect with distinct areas of color, begin with your lightest color as a base coat. Base coat colors can either be a light acid stain color such as Azure Blue, Malayan Buff or one of the darker stains cut with water. Apply one heavy coat of your base color and immediately apply accent coats while the stain is still wet to encourage a more natural appearance on the slab. Continue to apply the lighter to darker colored accents until satisfied with the results. If walking on wet acid stain, wear acid resistant spiked shoes, golf shoes or similar cleats to avoid leaving foot impressions on the floor.


For a veined appearance, spray your secondary or “veining” color on the surface first. While still wet, feather the primary color into and around the secondary color allowing it to flow together at the edges. Be careful not to cover your secondary color completely especially if it is a lighter shade.


Contact a Direct Colors decorative concrete technician for additional information on application techniques, call 877-255-2656.


How to Acid Stain Concrete Guide and instructional video on concrete acid staining.


Every tool you need for a decorative concrete project.


**Not suitable for spraying concrete sealers.


Key Features of Acid Stain Sprayer:

   All-plastic, one-gallon acid stain sprayer suitable for all acid stain applications
   Easily adjusts from a flat spray to a fine mist
   Pump Up Acid Stain Sprayer holds 1 gallon of liquid
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