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Tinted Sealer Color Chart

One-Step Color and Seal Option for Indoor and Outdoor Concrete

DCI Tinted Concrete Sealer is Available in the Following Sealer Varieties:

•   DCI Satin Gloss Water-based

•   Sprayable Satin Finish Solvent

•   AC-1315 High Gloss Solvent

DCI Concrete Tinted Sealer is not paint. Tinted sealers remain translucent and do not hide imperfections in the concrete. The colors on the DCI Tinted Sealer Color Chart have been achieved on gray concrete. Tinted sealer colors will appear different from the color chart on previously colored concrete depending on the existing conditions. While a pre-application test is always important, it is highly recommend under these circumstances. Consider applying a single coat of clear sealer with a roller or pump up sprayer over the tinted sealer for more uniform wear on outdoor concrete.

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Cinnabar Black Cumin Pumpkin Fiery Orange Yukon Gold Russet Driftwood Chocolate Cafe Royale Crimson Tweed Wheat Auburn Milano Red Plum Tangerine Fern Green Aztec Brown Buff Charcoal Gray Khaki Maple Olive Sunset Tan Tan White Blue Light Charcoal Silver Gray

The method used to apply sealer depends on the type of surface and the variety of sealer used. Tinted solvent-based sealers can be either sprayed or applied with an applicator and are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor applications. Water-based sealers are preferred for occupied homes/offices and for all basements applications due to the fumes. Always use caution when applying solvent-based sealers, particularly indoors.

Solvent-based sealers have a strong chemical odor. Wear a respirator while applying the sealer and make certain the area is well ventilated to the outside during and after the application. Two thin coats are recommended for outdoor concrete. Customers with machine troweled, ground, or smooth hand-troweled floors should apply sealers in the following manner for best results:

• Tinted AC 1315 High Gloss Sealer should be applied from a paint tray with a 3/8″ nap roller or with a pump-up deck sprayer.

• DCI’s Tinted Sprayable Satin Finish Sealer (SSB) is best applied with a pump-up deck sprayer, but an roller can also be used if desired.

• DCI Tinted Water-Based Sealers should be applied with a pump up deck sprayer and backrolled with a 3/8″ nap roller.

• DO NOT apply Water-Based Sealer if the surface temperature is under 60°F.

Textured, stamped or broom finished surfaces:

Sealers should be applied with either a pump-up fence sprayer or a short-nap roller (approximately 3/8″) or less. For best results with a roller, use the pan grid to purge the roller of all excess sealer and apply with slow, even strokes. Sealer bubbles, should they occur, can be removed with a hair dryer set to cool or a clean leaf blower set to low speed.

Note: All DCI Tinted Concrete Sealer products must be shaken well before and during use to insure even pigment distribution during application.

Generally, the thinner the application, the stronger and more durable the sealer will become. Applying a thick coat will result in an inconsistent finish with tacky areas that may not set-up correctly. Allow solvent-based sealers to dry for AT LEAST4-6 hours between coats. Water-based sealers should be given up to 24 hours to set-up between coats. If you live in a humid climate or the weather conditions are damp and overcast, give the surface additional time to dry. DO NOT walk on wet sealer as it will leave permanent impressions on your surface. Cover your feet with plastic bags to protect your floor’s finish during application.

Indoor applications require either a commercial or residential wax to protect your sealer from daily wear and tear. All DCI Concrete Wax and Floor Polish products are water-based and should be applied using a mop with a hand wringer or with the applicator of your choice. Commercial wax intended for business use or for homes with indoor dogs and should be buffed after the initial application.

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