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Justin Richardson, Sales Manager at Direct Colors, stopped by to tell us what to expect at the Direct Colors booth this year at the OKC Home and Garden Show!


Shawna Turner: You are listening to DIRECTCOLORS.COM/LISTEN podcast: Episode 9. Direct Colors will be returning with a booth at the Oklahoma City Home and Garden Show for our fifth consecutive year. Justin Richardson is joining us today to tell us why Direct Colors continues to participate in this show and what our customers can expect when they come by our booth this year.

Welcome, Justin, and thanks for joining us today.

Justin Richardson:  Thank you for having me.

Shawna Turner:  Why does Direct Colors choose to have a booth at the OKC Home and Garden Show each year? What’s in it for us?

Justin Richardson:  We really enjoy working with the folks at Market-Place Events, who put the show together. They’ve done such a terrific job of creating this celebrated attraction that brings in nearly 35,000 homeowners and contractors from all over Oklahoma and neighboring states. We always have tremendous interaction with attendees. Be it residential or business, we all have concrete in and around our spaces. Decorative concrete remains a new and exciting option for indoor and outdoor living spaces. The show provides us a great opportunity to meet face to face with potential customers and discuss ways to transform ordinary concrete into much more modern and inviting areas.

Shawna Turner:  What’s going on at the Direct Colors booth this year?

Justin Richardson:  We are really excited about our line-up this year. We’ve made slight modifications to our booth that reflect some new products and design ideas for countertops and flooring, such as metallic for countertops and hand-textured flooring using overlay. We are also honored to have three contractors who are among the best at their niche’ of decorative concrete. Friday and Saturday we have Bert Hernandez, owner of Red Rock Concrete, in the booth. Bert is a true artisan who’s hand textured floors and acid stains are in high demand. Some of Bert’s work can be seen on our booth floor panels. Saturday afternoon Brad Carlisle, owner of William B. Carlisle Design will join us. Brad is one of the best concrete countertop and acid stain artisans you will find. His eye for detail and creativity is just amazing. He will be doing two demos in the booth. At 4:30 he will show how to stain a faux wood grain. And at 5:00 he will show how to create a copper patina look using acid stain. Sunday, Kenneth Lazenby, owner of Ken’s Custom Designs, will join us. Ken’s creative ability is endless. He has done some amazing, show piece, concrete overlay work on floors and countertops. Ken will also be doing two demos. At 1:00pm he will show how to refinish existing countertops with concrete overlay and prepping for a new decorative treatment. At 2:00pm he will demonstrate creating a speckled granite look using acid stain. We have a complete the schedule of demonstrations and in-booth experts on our website.

Shawna Turner: Why start planning for projects now? Spring and Summer are still a few months off.

Justin Richardson: There are a number of reasons to plan early. One being a well thought-out approach always leads to the best end result. However, beyond that, decorative concrete usually requires some prep work and sample testing on existing and sometimes new slabs. It’s not complicated but, if you are planning to do the work yourself, it may take a little ground work in order to dial in to your final application methods. And if you are planning to hire a professional, you’ll need to get underway now as their work schedule for Spring/Summer 2016 will be full very soon. We also have an online design consultation option so if you can’t make it to show, contact us through the website and we’ll get started.

Shawna Turner:  Thank you, Justin. That’s very convincing and I hope we’ll see many of our customers at the show. If you’re new and haven’t visited our store or purchased from us online, please stop by and meet us in person. We’d love to have the chance to earn your business and help you get started on your next DIY project. Join Direct Colors at the OKC Home and Garden show January 18-20th in the Bennett Event Center, Booth 1611 at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds. We’ll have guest contractors demonstrating flooring techniques and products as well as the DIY Decorative Concrete Experts from Direct Colors! Come on by!

For more information on how to prevent damage to countertop sealer, visit our decorative concrete design blog. If you have questions, call one of our expert technicians at 877-255-2656 and we’ll help you select the best products and technique for your needs.  If you prefer email, send in a free online design consultation and we’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Direct Colors DIY Home Improvement podcasts are produced twice monthly for your enjoyment and show notes can be found at  Feel free to add the podcast to your favorite RSS feed.  You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ , YouTube and Instagram. Thanks again for joining us!

We’re ready to help! Direct Colors DIY Home Improvement podcasts are produced twice monthly for your enjoyment and show notes can be found at  Feel free to add the podcast to your favorite RSS feed.  You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ , YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. Thanks for joining us!

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